Fee Schedule

We accept New Patients, numerous forms of insurance, Worker’s Comp and No Fault patients.

Chiropractic Visit
(initial visit and exam)$60
(initial visit and exam)$40
Wellness Plan$280
This plan covers 12 regular Chiropractic visits for the cost of 10.
Spinal Decompression$25
(per region)
Spinal Decompression Wellness Plan$250
This plan covers 12 sessions for the cost of 10.
Hydro Therapy Massage$15
(for 15 minutes)
(for 30 minutes)
Hydro Therapy Wellness Plan$35
(for 3 – 15 minutes sessions)
(for 8 – 15 minutes sessions)
Nutrition Visit
Health & Wellness Program$75
(This fee covers the two necessary office visits)
Nutrition Basics$45
Purification ConsultationComplimentary
Follow up visits$20